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She, Who is in Relationship

She moves with Picasso, Soutine and Modigliani in the Paris salons of Gertrude Stein. She moves to the shallow percussive sound of the tambourines intoning a welcoming knock on the door, where Miriam and her minions; Leah, Rebecca and Rachel, are disturbing the ground beneath their feet, kicking up dust, as they dance with wild abandon.

She is Rubenesque in shape and demeanor, languid, sultry and wise: captivating and alive in her essence. Her body sways from a place of knowing, and with a fire in her belly, ripe with creativity. She holds herself in command with purpose. She is connected to generations of women who have come before, and speaks the gift of their language, with authority and intention.

She is in relationship to the numbing screech of the geese flying home; the oceans teeming with all manner of life, far from human reach in an ecosystem rich and varied; and to the leaf cutting ants, industriously engaged in securing a home and nourishment for their future generations.

She is like the trees of the Amazon, a life source grounded and steadfast, connected through her roots, providing shade and sustenance to the forest floor for all sentient beings.

She is all encompassing, with caressing arms that swoop up and hold all in her embrace. She has a face like the sun, burning brightly, illuminating the way to that which deserves our attention and care. She moves forward like the ballast on a ship, sturdy, buoyant, charting a course for humanity that will guide and redirect our fears and misconceptions.

Her beauty is power, potent and alluring. She is life giving, birthing from her belly with a power that enlivens, yet threatens, in a world mourning the absence of the divine feminine in its memory and its heart. And she is not to be underestimated, as she births a space for new ideas to blossom in ways that knowingly radiates raw energy and compassion.

She calls on us to recall an ancient time, where ones voice was regarded with vibrancy and passion, essential for nurturing one and many-where those under her tutelage share a sensibility for deep exploration, understanding and the force of love.

She stays by us, ever hopeful, as we have all but given up on our sanity with which we engage each other, uncertain how to partner with the challenges and mysteries that face our world.

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